Turkey Trot STL

Web Design & Development

It doesn't matter if you are a business looking for your first website, or a company that would like a fresh set of paint. We can sit down to figure out what is important to your business and brand, and I will walk along with you to design and build your website.

Graphic Design

It is all in the details. Every pixel, every font chosen in graphic design describes your product. As your graphic designer, I will create a design the way you want your audience to feel about your product, or work with you on what you want from the design. Whether it be a logo, flyer, invitation, or any other piece you have in mind.


Whether you are looking for a particular scenic view for your business, a personal picture for family or business, or even a photo for your website, you can count on me for accuracy and detail in photographs. After the photo shoot, choose from photographs with a variety of angles and depth of your selected subject, person or object, that have been cleaned and touched up to your approval.


Motion graphics are seen in most commercials as well as music videos on your computer screen or on television. It is a phenomenon that has swept the marketing world, and has been effective in drawing attention to business. As well as having experience with video editing, I can also create motion graphics for your own business, or even illustrate creative graphics to tell a story you wish to share.

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