Good Sam Insurance


Good Sam Insurancy Agency was looking to freshen up the design on their website while keeping their brand guidelines in tact. I created a design that gave the content space to breath while trying to keep the design geared toward their market base (parents as well as the retired generation). I came up with the designs using Adobe Photoshop, and then packaged up the files and sent them to Good Sam's developer to code.

See it live.

Good Sam Insurance Agency - Desktop View
Good Sam Insurance Agency - Desktop View
Good Sam Insurance Agency - Mobile View

D&S Builders

Design & Development

D&S Builders needed a responsive website using the branding they had built over the years. Not only were we able to give them that, we were also able to build them various galleries to show examples of their work. We also created a timeline to show how Todd & Dan move along in their work process.

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D&S Builders - Home Page
D&S Builders - Inner Page
D&S Builders - Mobile View


Design & Development

Kira-Mar needed a way to cater to people looking for a vacation spot whether they were on the computer or on the go with their phone. We were able to design and develop them a new website to allowed future travelers to find out more about the resort as well as see photos our company had taken photos of on site. We were also involved with creating the logo while incorporating palm trees, a well known Fort Lauderdale symbol.

See it live.

Kira-Mar - Home Page
Kira-Mar - Inner Page
Kira-Mar - Mobile View


Design & Development

Long ago, e-mails were designed using pixels for one screen size. Now people will check their e-mail on their computer, tablet and phone. FLEET FEET needed to adapt to the times and I was given the challenge of creating a design that would both look good, be easily editable for those less code savvy, and adjust to different screen sizes. Using HTML and CSS, I put together a FLEET FEET brand fitting layout that allowed store owners to put together their own newsletters for their customers without having to learn too much code themselves.

FLEET FEET St. Louis - Desktop View
FLEET FEET St. Louis - Mobile View 1
FLEET FEET St. Louis - Mobile View 2

National General / Good Sam Insurance


My work place, GoWeb1, is in charge of retainer work for National General Insurance Company. This put me in charge of coming up with various designs, from flyers to web graphics, while following National General and Good Sam Insurance Agency's style guide.

National General Flyer
National General Showcase for Booth

Watterson Towers Renovation Celebration

Planning & Design

Illinois State University's Watterson Towers residential hall had just completed its 10 year renovation plan. Illinois State Housing wanted to celebrate it's completion and show staff as well as Bloomington-Normal citizens its new layout. I was asked to create material for the event. Red and white were chosen for the ∙main colors to represent Illinois State University’s school colors. This event was catered towards guests aged between young adult to people in their 40s. The typography design was chosen to capture that age span’s attention and interest. The timeline shown in the project was chosen to present Watterson from its beginnings, the renovation, and to its completion.

Watterson Towers Invitation
Watterson Program Cover
Watterson Program Inside

Springfield Sliders Material


When the Springfield Sliders became customers of TextClubs, a marketing text message business, they need various materials to let their audience know how they could get the word on up coming discounts, events and opportunities. I was in charge of coming up with a design that could be used in various print products while sticking with the Sliders' brand. I created various baseball icons and placed them in a pattern while using the Sliders' color scheme to help the two stick together.

Springfield Sliders Flyer
Springfield Sliders Outfield Sign
Springfield Sliders Facebook Post

Cross Country Classic


FLEET FEET St. Louis for over 10 years had run their Cross Country Kickoff Classic event for local high schools to compete with each other in different locations. In 2014 the name had been changed and therefore so did the branding. I was placed in charge of coming up with a new logo as well as the material to market the event. For the logo I chose to keep the symbols simplistic with using three Cs to represent Cross Country Classic. The rounded wings on each side of the Cs are to represent the Greek god, Hermes, that has been a well-known symbol for Cross Country athletes.

Cross Country Classic
Cross Country Classic Plaque Art

Chely Wright

Teamwork, Planning & Design

Illinois State University, several times throughout the year, run events called “Cultural Dinners.” One of these events featured country music star, Chely Wright. The picture her agency provided Illinois State highlighted her beauty, and I did not want to take anything away from that. With that in mind, I used a monochrome theme with simple illustration and palpable text explaining the details of the event. Together with the marketing employee, we created text to insert in each Cultural Dinner piece including postcards, flyers, event programs, menus, and online advertisements.

Chely Wright poster
Chely Wright invite
Chely Wright program


Accuracy and editing

Whether you are looking for a photograph to represent your company or something to decorate your wall, I can work with you to make it happen. Photos will be taken as you request them, and touched up in Photoshop so you will receive the best product.


Illustrator & Video Production

Reading books has become a dying pass time. The world around us has gravitated to the internet along with social media. To be able to convey this point, and to influence more people to read, Story was created. As well as writing and narrating the campaign, I also illustrated the images using Adobe Illustrator, and created the video using AfterEffects.

Screenshot of Story


Illustrator & Video Production

Literature. Poetry. Prose. It is one thing to write it, it is another to animate one. With both Adobe Illustrator and AfterEffects, I was able to narrate my own poem with words and images.

Screenshot of Dusk


Accuracy & Video Production

Close your eyes and think your first years of life. Playing, sleeping, being doted on by your parents; these are all moments many wish they could go back to. These times of life are also the most fragile, and can be ruined by the careless actions of others. This video was produced to remind people of those times, and how they can easily be taken away by one decision.

Screenshot of Story